Service – When you need it. Where you need it.
Your LeeBoy or Rosco dealership is the best place to have your equipment serviced. Their trained service teams are fast, efficient and friendly. They work hard to get the job done and to provide your equipment with the best service possible.  Your authorized LeeBoy or Rosco dealership is the place to go for anything your equipment may need to keep it operating efficiently and productively.

Regular Equipment Maintenance
Every piece of LeeBoy and Rosco equipment comes with a recommended maintenance schedule. Give your LeeBoy or Rosco equipment the attention it deserves and it will reward you with years of reliable service. Your LeeBoy or Rosco dealer provides preventive maintenance, comprehensive repair and service consulting for every type of LeeBoy and Rosco grading and paving equipment.

Equipment Service
When your equipment needs a repair or a component replaced, your LeeBoy or Rosco dealer has the genuine LeeBoy or Rosco parts you need and the expertise to get you up and running.

Equipment Warranty
In addition to the service you receive from your authorized LeeBoy or Rosco dealer, all LeeBoy and Rosco products are backed by a one-year, unlimited hours warranty.