Compaction / Rollers

Rosco compaction equipment features the 6- to 15-ton 9-wheel Tru-Pac 915 Pneumatic Roller. For larger jobs, Rosco's Tru-Pac 915 provides large roller compaction with the feel and maneuverability of a small roller. The articulated design of the Tru-Pac 915 allows for true-tracking and full-width compaction even in tight areas. Rosco Tru-Pac 915 rollers have been engineered and built for reliability, durability, and efficiency.

Tru-Pac 915


  • 85 HP Tier 3 Kubota Engine
  • Ballastable From 6.7 to 15 Tons
  • Responsive Hydrostatic Drive
  • 150-Gallon Pressurized Water Spray System
  • Articulated Frame For Tru-tracking Compaction
  • All-Wheel Oscillation
  • ROPS With Sunroof
  • 11-Wheel Option
  •  Operator's Suspension Seat


Product Brochure (PDF)