We strive to create a culture of health and safety.  

Ingrained in LeeBoy’s corporate values, protecting the health of our people and providing safe workplace conditions are at the top of our long-term strategy.  We recognize that good health and safety improve work effectiveness, employee morale, and our reputation as well as to help ensure legal compliance; we are also aware of the negative impact that leads to lost time, higher costs and delays. To provide a safe working environment, our dedicated EHS team constantly monitors key business activities to identify and eliminate potential risk.

Efforts include appropriate layout of spacious work areas, calibration of machinery and tools, audits and inspections and proper training on safe machinery operation and maintenance, the use of ear, eye and respiratory protection, requirement of safety shoes, strategic placement of first aid stations and AED units, and emergency action plans.   

We are committed to “Safety Before Profit” and believe that a safe and healthy workplace is a fundamental right of every person and that every associate, visitor, vendor or contractor should go home with the same quality of life every day.