Let’s protect our future together.  

LeeBoy’s vision statement stresses the importance of corporate and environmental responsibility.  By adopting best practices and industry standards, including ISO-9001, we are committed to engineering dependable equipment for the paving contractor while demonstrating the utmost respect for our human and natural resources.  A sample of our sustainability efforts include:

Recycling, reusing and diverting waste from landfills.  We are focused on reducing our environmental footprint.  In order to successfully reach this goal, our manufacturing facility recycles more than 350,000 pounds of production material (60% of all waste) for internal reuse or sale every year.  We also encourage our vendors and suppliers to take part in these efforts to help reduce our overall disposal cost and decrease our reliance on natural resources.

Reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption.  Investing in technology and by improving processes, LeeBoy has executed several initiatives that reduce and mitigate potentially harmful manufacturing by-products.  Among these efforts include replacing all lighting systems with LED, high efficiency T5 tubes, upgraded paint controls and recovering chemicals/paint through solvent distillation.

Community volunteering and Involvement.  LeeBoy organizes numerous company-wide charitable events within our local community.  We highly encourage and motivate our employees to donate their time and talents to helping others in need.  LeeBoy holds several events yearly including blood drives, food donations, childrens’ fundraising events.  However, one of our philanthropic keystones is the American Cancer Society.  Since 2013, LeeBoy has successfully raised nearly $200,000 for this deserving organization by cultivating innovative projects such as a Pink Asphalt Paver and Patcher.

Sustainability is not just a journey, but a commitment. It is part of our core values, and we believe that it will stand us in good stead – as it has done in the last 50+ years and as it will, through to and beyond the next 50 years.