Road Widener

4100 Performance Features

Wheelbase: 7' (2.13 m)
Tier 4 - Final 37 hp (27.5 kw)
Weight: 7,080 lbs (3,211 kg)

Dimensions (Transport):
Length: 12’ 10” (3.912 m)
Width (hopper up): 10’ (3.048 m)
Height: 7’ 5” (2.26 m)
Total weight: 7,080 lbs (3,211 kg)

Dimensions (Working):
Length: 12’ 8” (3.861 m)
Width (hopper down): 11’ 3” (3.454 m)
Height: 7’ (2.134 m)
Total weight: 7,080 lbs (3,211 kg)

Material Spread Strike Off:
Hydraulically operated cylinders used for varying spread
Width of spread: 18” (.45 m) to 4’ (1.21 m)
Height adjustment: 6” (152 mm) above and 6” (152 mm) below road surface
Slope: 8⁰ incline and 26⁰ decline
Forward angle: 20⁰
Back angle: 40⁰

Hydraulic Reservoir:
21 gallons (79.5 l)

Operator Controls:
Hydrostatic steering
Joystick operates forward and reverse, all electric operating hydraulics
Conveyor on/off/reverse
Joystick, momentary
Emergency stop
Hydraulic lip up/down
Brake on/auto
PV480 4.3” (109 mm) full color display

Optional Transportation Equipment:
Towing capabilities consist of hydraulically operated 9” x 15” heavy-duty tires
Includes tow tongue, range of movement determined by truck hitch
Height for ground clearance and adjustable hopper wings for towing
Towing clearance: varies by truck hitch height, requires measurement
Towing speed: 45 mph (72.4 Kph)
Towing safety latch: on wheel cylinders
Tow hitch: detachable


Tier 4 Final 37 hp (27.5 kw) Kubota diesel
Fuel reservoir: 14 gallons (53 l)

Capacity: 71 ft³ (2m³), 3 tons (2,721.5 kg)
Vibration: Vibratory hopper

Conveyor System:
Sprocket driven, 6.5” (165.1 mm) diameter steel pulley with 17 – 3.5” (88.9 mm) diameter idler rollers with bearings driven by a hydraulic motor
Conveyor belt: 15” (.381 m) wide, triple-ply rated at 220lbs/inch tensile strength
Heat resistant to 350⁰ F (176.6⁰ C)
Drive chains bolted to the conveyor belt

Hydrostatic braking includes a multiple disc, spring applied, hydraulic release, fail safe disc brake
Includes brake switch

PV480 Graphic color digital instrument display includes:
- Engine speed, rpm (preset and manual)
- Engine coolant temperature
- Oil pressure, lamp only
- Voltmeter
- Fuel level
- Total hours of operation
- Engine throttle speeds

Electrical System:
12 volt negative ground

Training, Support and Company:
Training and support manuals
Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
Extended warranty available
50+ years manufacturing experience
ISO 9001 Certified
Manufactured in the USA