Road Widener

4130 Performance Features

Wheelbase: 9’ 9” (2.97 m)
Tier 4 Final - 74 hp (55 kw)
Weight: 22,670 lbs (10,283 kg)

Length: 20’ 6” (6.24 m)
Width: 8’ 6” (2.59 m) shipping
9’ 8” (2.94 m) working
Height: 8’ 9” (2.67 m)
Wheelbase: 9’ 9” (2.97 m)
Total weight: 22,670 lbs (10,283 kg)

Strike Off:
Contoured strike off for controlled spread of material width, depth and slope with minimum side draft and minimum segregation of materials
Basic strike off consist of one 1’ (.304 m) and one 2’ - 3’ (.6 - .91 m) sections, extendable
Raised, lowered, extended and retracted hydraulically with manual stops for fine adjustment of elevation and slope
Outer edger plate assembly included
12” (.304 m) above and below grade
On board storage for strike offs and strike off supports

Hydraulic Reservoir:
61 gallons (230 l)

Operator Controls:
Dual control stations, each equipped with:
Foot actuated conveyor function switch
Control functions on the operator’s console include: main power, ignition/key switch, horn, conveyor speed, shuttle and discharge direction, strike off lift and lateral movement, hopper wing, steering, parking brake, hopper tilt and lights
PV 480 digital display for engine oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter and hydraulic oil temperature, tachometer, hour meter and engine RPMs

Oscillating Push Rollers:
Two bearing equipped push rollers
Mounted on a 9’ 3” (33.83 m) wide oscillating frame
Compensates for minor directional misalignment of truck with widener
Extends out 14” (.356 m)
Rollers adjustable up and down
Roller scrapers to remove material build up

Optional Equipment:
Dual strike-off group
1’ (.3 m) contoured strike-off section
3’ (.9 m) contoured strike-off section
2-3’ (.6-.9 m) telescoping contoured strike-off section, requires dual strike-off group, only one mounted per side
TopCon P-32 system controls – single grade and slope, sonic
Washdown system with 2 hose reels and 7 gallon (26 l) tank
Truck Hitch

74 hp (55 kw) Cummins Tier 4 Final engine
Battery: 12 volt, 120 amp alternator
Electric start
Fuel reservoir: 51 gallons (208 l)

Tilting hopper 14.5⁰ load angle
Folding hopper wings
2.2 cubic yards

Traction Drive:
Front wheel drive axle with transfer case and electric hydraulic controlled 2 speed motor
Infinitely variable throughout both operating ranges
Full reverse in both speed ranges
Engine RPM Transfer Case Motor Speed
1800 Low Low 1.9 mph (3.05 kph)
1800 Low High 5.1 mph (8.2 kph)
1800 High Low 3.5 mph (5.6 kph)
1800 High High 8.8 mph (14.1 kph)

2200 Low Low 2.5 mph (4.02 kph)
2200 Low High 6.9 mph (11.1 kph)
2200 High Low 4.6 mph (7.4 kph)
2200 High High 11.9 mph (19.15 kph)

Conveyor System:
Independent, variable speed, hydrostatic, dual end drive system
Two high torque, direct drive hydraulic motors
Conveyor speeds: 448’ per minute (136.5 mpm), 5.09 mph (8.19 kph)
Discharge speed controlled with conveyor speed control knob on operator’s console
On/off function controlled with foot switch located at each control station
Conveyor belt: 24” (.609 m) wide, high temperature service nitrile belt
Equipped with adjustable wipers to prevent material build up
Conveyor assembly able to shift up to 18” (.457 m) either side hydraulically
Control the direction of conveyor discharge of material to either side of machine from operator’s console

Hydrostatic traction drive primary braking
Parking brake controlled by electric switch on operator’s console
Failsafe parking brake
Foot pedal hydraulic service brake

Rear: Two 385/65 R 22.5 radial, tubeless
Front: Two 425/65 R 22.5 radial, tubeless

Training, Support and Company:
Training and support manuals
Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
Extended warranty available
50+ years manufacturing experience
ISO 9001 Certified
Manufactured in the USA