Water Truck

DS Performance Features

In-Cab Controls
Berkley Water Pump
Tank Size: 2,000 to 4,000 gallons (7,571 to 15,142 l)

Length: Depends on type of truck used
Width: Equipment options and specifications also vary based on truck used
Height: Depends on type of truck used
Wheel base: Equipment options and specs also vary based on truck used
Turing radius: Depends on type of truck used

Single stage, Berkley centrifugal water pump
Rated at 550 gpm (2,081 lpm) @ 55 psi turning 2,200 rpm

Pump Drive:
Direct PTO drive from truck transmission
Shifting control in truck cab

Sprinkler Heads:
Two sprinkler heads mounted horizontally at front of truck
Two sprinkler heads mounted horizontally at the rear of truck with one midship nozzle
Complete with electric solenoid over water pressure controlled valves and cab control

Additional Standard Equipment:
ICC clearance lights and reflectors, meet Federal motor vehicle safety standard 108
Full width fender, mud flaps
Ladder over fender for access to tank opening
Hose hooks
Rear bumper
Backup alarm
.75” (19 mm) pressurized hose outlet

Tank Capacities:
DS 2000: 2,000 gallon (7,571 l)
DS 3000: 3,000 gallon (11,356 l)
DS 4000: 4,000 gallon (15,142 l)

Elliptical steel with flat, flanged and reinforced heads
Full section 7 gauge (4.76 mm) surge plates
Air gap fill on tank top
Interior sandblasted and coated with epoxy coating
Top opening: 22” (.559 m)
Air gap: 6” (153 mm) with hose

Optional Equipment:
Installation for a customer supplied truck chassis
8’ (2.43 m) spraybar
Suction filling attachment (including primer pump and foot valve strainer)
2.5” (63.5 mm) firefighting valve
Push bumper
Hose reel, rear mounted with manual rewind
Hose reel, rear mounted with electric rewind
2” (51 mm) brass flusher nozzle (in lieu of sprinkler caps)
Water canon with cab control

Training, Support and Company:
Training and support manuals
Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
Extended warranty available
50+ years manufacturing experience
ISO 9001 Certified
Manufactured in the USA