Distributor Kit
Maximizer 2H Kit

Maximizer 2H Kit Performance Features

Controls: EZ-2SH
Viking Asphalt Pump
Tank Size: 2,050 gallons (7,760 l)

Length: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected
Width: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected
Height: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected
Weight: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected

2,050 gallons (7,760 l)
*Gallons listed are maximum tank capacities. Recommended tank capacities may be limited by 1.) Thermal expansion of materials. 2.) Density of materials. 3.) Truck/axle load ratings. For more detail, please contact your local Rosco Sales Representative or Dealer.

At the rear of tank
Cleanout plug and suction line from the pump includes tank cutoff valve
Sump size: 4” (102 mm) in diameter

Heat System:
Two diesel fired burners with electric ignition and heat limit controls each capable of producing heat at a rate of 560,000 BTU per hour
Two U-type, high temperature flue pipes running the length of the tank
Single exhaust stack constructed of stainless steel and includes a rain cover
Heating flue size: 8” (203 mm) in diameter throughout

Asphalt Pump:
Viking, positive displacement pump
Rotary gear type with built-in relief valve for safety
Asphalt pump driven by low speed high torque fixed displacement hydraulic motor and connected by a flexible coupling
Pump capable of delivering product at a rate of 400 gallon per minute (1,514 l per minute)

EZ-2SH control system with LCD user information display on in-cab control box
Automatic control the application rate of the asphalt distributor truck
Automatically maintain constant asphalt application rates regardless of changes in distributor speed and spraybar width
Controller uses on/off toggle switches to provide spray nozzle control along the spraybar in 1 foot (.3 m) increments
Eight modes of operation, programs the control of the automatic asphalt valves and the spraybar valves for the distributor function selected
Software memory feature is included to store 6 preset combinations of user defined application rates and speed calibrations for quick setup
LCD display of the in-cab control box will display distributor ground speed, asphalt spray rate, total distance sprayed, total volume of asphalt sprayed, total area sprayed, application rate, tank temperature, hour meter, and spray bar length
Controller automatically and dynamically compares the distributor ground speed with the spray bar width to adjust the asphalt pump speed to maintain the set application rate
Rear controls are located in the tool box on the right hand side rear fender. From there the operator can control asphalt pump speed and direction and control the spray bar hydraulic functions

Shipping Information:
All Max 2H Kit components require a 40’ high cube container
Overall weight: 10,060 lbs (4,563 kg)
Shipment includes:
Tank & components, on skid:
207” L x 94.5” W x 94” H (5.3 m x 2.4 m x 2.3 m)
8,000 lbs (3,628 kg)
Spray bar assembly & components, crated:
98” L x 48” W x 42” H (2.5 m x 1.2 m x 1.0 m)
1,400 lbs (635 kg)
Controls & additional components, crated:
98” L x 48” W x 42” H (2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.0 m)
664 lbs (301 kg)

Meets all applicable Federal DOT tank regulations
ASTM A569 grade mild steel with minimum 10 gauge (3.4 mm) shell and 7 gauge (4.5 mm) flat heads
Flanged reinforced and welded to shell inside and outside of tank
Seams are all electrically welded
Surge plates 10 gauge (3.4 mm) steel with staggered openings to provide adequate tank strength and proper surge control
Thermometers: One 5” (127 mm) dial thermometer
One internal pencil thermometer

2” (51 mm) rock wool with spacers to prevent compression
Clips to secure position of insulation and protected by an aluminum jacket

Weather tight and safety relieving cover with basket-type strainer
Inside splash guards
Steel measuring stick
Tank vent and overflow
Manhole opening: 22” (.559 m) in diameter
Overflow: 3” (76 mm) in diameter

Distributing Lines:
High temperature, flexible metal hoses
Steel pipe with ball and socket joint is not acceptable

Clean Out:
Continuous circulation through asphalt pump, valves, distributing lines and spraybar assures thorough cleanout

Spray System:
Power lift and shift
Exclusive two-way spraybar breakaway system. Two-way safety relieving feature provides protection against damage if an obstruction is hit while traveling either forward or reverse
Manual spraybar lock-up assembly
Brass nozzles, slotted with non-clogging spray valves
Spray valves have a quick-disconnect feature allowing the operator to change spray widths in 4” (102 mm) increments across the entire bar without the use of tools or blank nozzles
Spraybar: 12’ (3.658 m) full circulating bar
Two 4’ (1.219 m) center sections
Two 2’ (.610 m) hydraulic folding spraybar wings
Nozzles: Spaced on 4” (102 mm) centers on spraybar
Spraybar shift: 18” (457 mm) left or right

Customer should specify clock wise (CW) or counter clock wise (CCW) rotation and left hand (LH) or right hand (RH) mounting for the hydrostatic pump per the requirements of the customer's PTO and transmission

Hydraulic System:
Hydraulic reservoir: 20 gallons (76 l) with temperature, sight gauge, and level indicator
Infinitely variable displacement hydrostatic axial piston pump

Additional Standard Equipment:
Hand spray wand with a 25’ (7.6 m) rubber hose
Front and rear dial contents gauge
Cab control spraybar on/off by one-foot sections
5” (127 mm) dial and internal pencil thermometers
ICC clearance lights and reflectors
Sampling valve
Back-up alarm
Mud flaps
Ladder and platform assembly
Grease gun

Training, Support and Company:
Training and support manuals
Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
Extended warranty available
50+ years manufacturing experience