Tru-Pac 915.png

Tru-Pac 915B

Tru-Pac 915B Performance Features

Pneumatic Tire Roller
Tier 4 Final - 74 hp (55 kw) @ 2,200 rpm
Weight: 13,100 lbs. (5,942 kg)

Length: 14’ 4” (4.37 m), transport
14’ (4.26 m), operational
Width: 6’ (1.83 m), transport
5’ 8” (1.72 m), rolling width
Height: 7’ 6” (2.28 m) without ROPS
9’ 2” (2.79 m) with ROPS
Wheel base: 8’ 4” (2.54 m)
Turning radius: 8’ 8” (2.641 m) inside
14’ 4” (4.36 m) outside

Shipping weight, equipped: 13,100 lbs. (5,942 kg)
Max operating weight: 30,500 lbs. (13,835 kg)

Tires and Wheels:
Smooth compaction with spring loaded nylon scrapers
Tru-tacking with tires overlapping .5” (13 mm) minimum provides complete coverage and compaction
Size: 7.5 x 15, 14 ply
Nine wheels, five front and four rear
Rear wheels drive the unit
All wheels oscillate individually or in pairs plus or minus 4⁰

Articulated Frame:
Articulation: Plus or minus 39⁰
Oscillation: Plus or minus 10⁰

Hydraulic Reservoir:
14 gallons (53 l)

Water Tank:
Pressurized pump system
Tank size: 150 gallons (568 l)

Additional Standard Equipment:
Coco mats
ROPS with sunroof
Backup alarm
Vandalism package
Slow moving emblem
Amber safety strobe

Optional Equipment:
11-wheel roller option, two additional compaction tires
Heat shield group
FOPS canopy
Light combination and work lights (turn, tail and 2 LED front, 2 LED rear work lights)
Cold weather package, block heater

Cummins Diesel
Tier 4 Final - 74 hp (55 kw) @ 2,200 rpm
Fuel reservoir: 35 gallons (133 l)

Hydrostatic with wheel motors mounted directly to drive wheels

Working speed: 0 – 7.4 mph (11.9 kph)
Travel speed: 0 – 14.8 mph (23.8 kph)

Operator’s Station:
Seat: suspension seat with slide, swivel and seat belt
Controls: joystick control for forward and reverse

Dynamic braking through the hydrostatic transmission
Spring loaded hydraulically released parking brake

Electrical System:
12 volt battery, negative ground
14 volt, 120 amp alternator

Full hydraulic powered
Articulated frame through orbital control
7 turns, lock-to-lock

Engine oil pressure, coolant temperature
Hour meter
Fuel gauge
Hydraulic oil temperature

Training, Support and Company:
Training and support manuals
Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
One-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
Extended warranty available
50+ years manufacturing experience
ISO 9001 Certified
Manufactured in the USA