• 74 hp (55.4 kw) @ 2,200 rpm

  • Weight (with screed): 17,720 lbs

  • Paving Widths Variable Up To 15’


  • Length: 13’ 5”
  • Width:  8’ 6” transport
    10’ hopper wings down 
  • Height:  8’
  • Total Weight (with screed):  17,720 lbs


  • Kubota turbocharged diesel
  • Tier 4 Final - 74 HP (55.4 kW) @ 2,200 rpm


  • Fuel: 19 gallons
  • Hydraulic: 67 gallons
  • Washdown tank: 7 gallons 


  • Hopper size:  7.5 ton
  • Hopper height: 23”
  • Hopper wings: Heavy-duty .375” with large radius corners

Paving Widths

  • Variable up to 15’

Paving Depths

  • Electrically operated tow point control with toggle switches allow operation of grade control from the main control box
  • Includes manual flights screws positioned on the screed
  • Depth:  0” to 6”


Under Auger Material Cutoff

  • Two independent hydraulically operated 4’ wide gates located under the augers and constructed of .375” A-36 plate steel

Material Augers

  • Two independent automatic or manual operated hydraulic casted segmented augers constructed with .625” AR 4140 HT (heat-treated) steel with replaceable flights
  • Augers are 12” diameter
  • Controlled automatically with sonic units (non-contacting)
  • Replaceable auger back
  • Heavy-duty auger motors


  • Dual 36” feed conveyors
  • Each conveyor is independent with automatic cut-offs
  • Conveyor is hydraulically raiseable to allow for cleaning and service

Operator’s Platform

    Optional Low Deck
    • Two seats mounted on the screed
    • Can be removed for standing
    • Two piece, grip strut, anti-slip walk board platform
    • Walk board extensions slide out, left and right
      Optional High Deck
      • Full machine width platform with both right and left hand seats mounted on tractor
      • 4’ 6” above ground
      • Includes a lockable cover for the instrument panel
      • Two piece, grip strut, anti-slip walk board platform
      • Walk board extensions slide out, left and right

      Operator’s Controls

      • Includes dual electronic steering
      • All functions can be controlled from left side
      • Right side levers include screed raise/float, left and right cutoffs, hopper wings, and right screed extension
      • Color graphic control screen with digital readouts. Review and monitor system vitals including: oil pressure, hour meter, fuel gauge, volt meter, water temp, tachometer, hydraulic oil temp, engine diagnostics


      • Dual electronic steering controls
      • It can be controlled from a high deck position or lowered to control at the screed
      • Electronically controlled pumps operate the forward/reverse motion from dual joysticks

      Optional Equipment

      • Electric Legend Plus Screed, 8’ to 15’, weight: 2,600 lbs
      • Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Electric Screed, 8’ to 15’, weight: 3,075 lbs
      • Screed extension vibration, only available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed
      • Automatic screed temperature control, only available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed
      • Heated endgates, available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed
      • Slope meter
      • Horizontal flight screws, available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed
      • 3:1 flight screw adjusters, available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed
      • Single point lube system, screed
      • Rubber track continuous, in lieu of poly
      • Steel track, in lieu of poly
      • High deck configuration
      • Steering wheel drive controls, in lieu of joysticks
      • Manual drive, steering controls, in lieu of joysticks
      • Truck hitch
      • Truck hitch valving
      • Wiring only, grade controls (Topcon), includes A/M modules
      • Sonic grade control, one side (Topcon)
      • Dual grade control (Topcon)
      • Dual grade and slope (Topcon)
      • 12” x 4.5” berm extension, left and right, only available on the Legend 815 Heavy-Duty Screed

      Washdown System

      • Electric HD pump with two 25’ x .375” diameter hose reels and spray nozzles
      • Built in pressure sensor and shutoff
      • Citrus tank sight gauge

      Hydraulic System

      • Variable volume hydraulic pumps for each drive
      • A constant volume tandem pump for charge pressure and conveyor function and another constant volume pump for generator and auger functions
      • Hydraulic reservoir:  67 gallons
      • Hydraulic oil: all weather, all temperature

      Push Rollers

      • Two 3” diameter rollers with sealed bearings mounted on swivel frame
      • Vertically adjustable push rollers, 7” of height adjustment
      • Adjustable height push rollers with self-cleaning scrapers

      Track Drive System

      • Hydrostatically powered, self-cleaning crawler type tracks consisting of drive sprocket, five rollers and hydraulically tensioned front idler
      • Tracks are torque hub driven with two-speed motors, hi/low speed is selected by a toggle switch in the control box
      • Fail-safe brakes
      • Track size:  14” wide x 77” long poly 5 rollers


      • Rubber Track Option: 15.75” wide x 77” long rubber 5 rollers
        - Paving speed:  0 to 135’ per minute (1.5 mph)
        - Travel speed:  0 to 290’ per minute (3.2 mph)

      Additional Standard Equipment

      • Back-up alarm
      • LED beacon light
      • LED work light package
      • Vandalism protection covers and removable steering boxes
      • Horn
      • Spray down system with 2 hose reels
      • Citrus tank
      • 2 seats
      • Poly track (standard track)

      Training, Support and Company

      • Training and support manuals
      • Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
      • Two-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
      • Extended warranty available
      • 55+ years manufacturing experience
      • ISO 9001 Certified
      • Sourcewell Contract#052417-VTL
      • Manufactured in the USA

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      Job Application

      • Parking Lots
      • Driveways
      • Municipal Work
      • Subdivisions
      • State Roads
      • County Roads

      Key Features

      • Wide-conveyor system produces highest quality mat
      • Choice of high deck or low deck
      • Familiar controls for 8500 users
      • Cable controlled hydraulics
      • Legend Propane (LP) Screed standard

      What our customers are saying

      “Best paver made in the USA. Parts always available. Designed with the paving man in mind. LOVE IT. Other pavers to me are not an option.”

      - Alan Taylor, Connecticut, USA

      “I've been running LeeBoy equipment for over 20 years... their pavers truly are "designed with the paving professional in mind "... these machines hold up better than any others!”

      - Kevin Piona, Mr. Black Top, California, USA

      “My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still as sweet today as the day l bought it.”

      - Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky, USA

      “Can’t beat a LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.”

      - Nick Stanley, California, USA

      “I love LeeBoy pavers. Wouldn’t use anything else. We have a 7000 and a 1000, and looking at an 8500 to buy soon.”

      - D. Harrison, Black Rock and Son Paving, Pennsylvania, USA

      “I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.”

      - Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts, USA

      “We’ve been doing asphalt paving since 1975 and owned seven LeeBoy asphalt pavers – from the 700 all the way to the 8816, we would use no other asphalt paver, they are the best machines. Designed with the paving professional in mind, GO LEEBOY OR GO HOME!”

      - Robert George, The Asphalt Company, Michigan, USA

      “My family business has been using LeeBoy for three generations. When it comes to asphalt, SMI Paving is “LeeBoy Proud” always!”

      - Jack Smith, SMI Paving, South Carolina, USA

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