Governmental Purchasing

Asphalt Pavers


The LeeBoy asphalt paver was truly designed with the paving professional in mind. Given traditional LeeBoy style and operation, the operator has a choice of working in a high-deck or low-deck configuration which can greatly benefit operator visibility, and ground crew safety.

leeboy nv55 brooms


Self-propelled brooms feature well-thought-out control placement and heightened visibility that makes this machine extremely easy to operate for operators of all experience levels.

leeboy motor grader made usa


Performance and ruggedness in a time-tested design. Featuring ten spool fully adjustable controls, you will notice profound performance marked by ergonomic controls, and industry-leading hydraulic responsiveness.

leeboy force feeder loader 300c

Force Feed Loaders

The only available machine of its kind. the versatile 3000C Force Feed Loader is a year-round workhorse, picking up soil, snow, millings or other windrowed material for fast, low-cost material loading.

Road Widener

The 4130B is a versatile machine that meets your road widening needs. The narrow-width design, shiftable conveyor, and foldable hopper wings allow precise placement of material to either side of the machine.


The RA400 is deployed by agencies looking for a safe method to correct road defects. Single operators have the ability to patch potholes within the cab. Maximizing productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution.

tack tank leeboy

Tack Tank

Providing a perfectly sized tank for small to large projects including parking lots, and patching. driveways or soil stabilization. Daily tasks can be completed with ease by relying on the trouble-free gas or diesel engine. Also available with an electric battery and motor using the proven reliable user-friendly LeeBoy design.


All Distributors are easily adjustable to provide even coverage of triple overlap fan spray patterns. Trust in the proven reliability and solid performance that can only be found in a Viking asphalt pump coupled with our proprietary spraying algorithms. the Maximizers deliver long-lasting, top-notch performance for all application types.

Chip Spreader

The variable width spread hopper and smaller overall footprint provide flexibility that enables chipping within confined areas such as urban routes


For most Governmental buyers, cooperative purchasing can satisfy the bid process, which can save time and money in the acquisition process. The extensive LeeBoy dealer network, assisted by our Governmental sales team, is prepared to assist throughout the buying cycle. LeeBoy’s lineup of asphalt paving and maintenance products are available through the cooperative contracts below, and many more. LeeBoy equipment is sold, serviced, and supported by dealers canvassing North America.

Funding Department

LeeBoy and NCL Governmental Capital are industry leaders who bring the power of cooperative purchasing to the construction market. With NCL, your purchasing power is increased as much as 7X allowing municipalities to purchase the equipment you need to serve your community. NCL provides quick approvals and additional benefits such as deferred payments and extended terms making the budgeting process infinitely easier than tackling the entire project cost.

Purchasing Cooperatives

Sourcewell’s analysts streamline the procurement process by developing RFPs and IFBs for national, competitive solicitations that meet or exceed local requirements. Their rigorous process is continually refined to best meet the needs of participating agencies. When it comes to purchasing, city leaders get the best of both worlds -local dealer access with national buying power through cooperative purchasing. They keep taxpayer dollars in the community while saving time and money during the procurement process.

The Canoe Procurement Group of Canada is one of the largest public sector buying groups in the country. This partnership allows Canoe to leverage the buying power of our membership with People Corporation’s trusted position in the market and national service capabilities.

BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is a cooperative formed by governmental entities to streamline the buying process. BuyBoard assists members in complying with their purchasing legal requirements, BuyBoard vendors have been awarded contracts for products and services through competitive procurement


Dealer Support

LeeBoy offers over 34 products unparalleled in the road maintenance paving industry. LeeBoy’s dealers are thriving self-governing businesses that are in both United States and Canada. Each dealership has a LeeBoy
territory manager that keeps the dealers up to date with the latest products and sales tools. Our dealerships help deliver products to any state or municipality.

Customer Service

LeeBoy’s dealer network coverage which expands to every state and province should be able to respond to any need within twenty-four hours if not sooner. We also have a rapid response line that’s open to our dealer network 24/7 for problematic machines. LeeBoy supports product training, troubleshooting, online diagnostics, and parts for the dealer network.


Once a machine is purchased and the product is delivered, LeeBoy offers operator training on every sale. With this training we will have either a LeeBoy territory manager or dealer salesperson on the job to discuss proper methods for application and operations of the machinery. During this training we will start with the overview of the machine. Then the setup of the machine followed by the startup of the machine and go through the basic operations and best practice. In closing, we will discuss the proper maintenance required to maintain the
equipment for the best long-term value of the equipment.


If a complication occurs on a machine which resulted from a defect in materials or workmanship, LeeBoy will cover the cost within LeeBoy’s two-year machine warranty. LeeBoy warrants all parts manufactured or installed by LeeBoy except for engines, truck chassis or tires which are warrantied through the manufacturers.

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