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Tack Tanks

Perfect for the all-inclusive commercial paving contractor, the L300 Tack Distributor provides a perfectly sized tank for small to large projects including parking lots, patching, driveways or soil stabilization.  Daily tasks can be completed with ease by relying on the trouble-free gas engine and the proven reliable user-friendly design.  Uniquely configurable, the customizable options give the contractor the ability to create a solution specific to their exact needs.

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LeeBoy L300

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (trailer configuration)

  • Length: 12′ 1”
  • Width:  6’ 4”
  • Height:  5’ 9”
  • Tank:  300 gallons

Trailer Specifications (for trailer configuration)

  • 6,000 lb axle with a pintle eye
  • 5,000 lb jackleg
  • Wired for towing
  • Tires:  ST 225/75D15
  • Electric brakes on axle
  • Safety chains
  • Emergency breakaway switch with battery backup
  • Shipping weight: 1,760 lbs
  • Loaded weight:  4,210 lbs

Dimensions (skid-mount)

  • Length: 8’ 10”
  • Width:  4’ 3” – skid frame width
  • Height:  4’ 9”
  • Tank:  300 gallons

Tank Dimensions

  • Length: 52”
  • Width:  54.125”
  • Height:  36.25”


  • 4.8 HP (3.6 kw) Gas Engine
  • 1 gallon fuel tank
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