The ultimate output of the RA-400, which is capable of correcting over 200 road defects in a single day by a single individual, has been deployed by contractors looking to maximize productivity while finding a cost-effective patching solution. The driver-operated joystick performs a four-step spray injection process typically in less than one minute per repair. Including one of the largest emulsion tanks available in the market, the RA-400 patching boom extends and retracts providing a wide patching range with minimal required maintenance.

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Rosco RA-400

Technical Specifications

Aggregate System

  • Low profile, 5 cubic yard hopper, or 11,000 lbs
  • Rectangular welded 10’ 3” x 7’ aggregate hopper
  • In-cab controlled vibration system
  • Dual electric over hydraulic activated hopper lids, rear access open/close swtich
  • Cab controlled adjustable, feed slide gate meters aggregate flow
  • System will accept aggregates up to .75” (19 mm)
  • Plus+1 system store settings: rock flow, emulsion flow and air flow
  • VORTEC: Vacuum Operated Rock Transfer Emulsion Coating system
    – System utilizes no mechanical or moving parts to move aggregate
    – Ease of access to clean and service the slide gate and sub systems
    – Conveyors and/or paddle feeders are NOT acceptable
    – Venturi nozzle with cleanout

Operator's Controls

  • One person operation from driver’s seat
  • All patching functions are in the cab, including cleaning, tack coating, patching and dust coating
  • LCD display controlled from Plus+1 CAN Bus system in cab monitors boom location, blower speed, rock and emulsion flow, hydraulic temperature, emulsion level and system faults
  • Single joystick controls:  Boom swing, extend/retract and push button for up/down
  • Push buttons operate:  Blow out mode, emulsion on/off, aggregate gate on/off and extension/retraction
  • Control center includes: Auxiliary engine on/off, blower on/off, blower inc/dec, rock flow inc/dec and emulsion inc/dec
  • Engine alarm, tachometer, pre-heat, engine start/on/off, rpm min/max
  • Boom auto stow and override
  • Vibrator on/off, beacon light switch, hour meter, circuit breakers


  • Length: 28’ with boom retracted
  • 38’ 5” with boom fully extended
  • Width: 8’ 6”
  • Height: 10’
  • Weight: 18,000 lbs with standard chassis
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