• Rock Delivery: VORTEC System

  • 1 Person Operation

  • Controls: Plus+1


  • Length: 28’ (8.5 m) with boom retracted
  • 38’ 5” (11.7 m) with boom fully extended
  • Width: 8’ 6” (2.59 m)
  • Height: 10’ (3 m)
  • Weight: 18,000 lbs (8,164 kg) with standard chassis


  • Dual hydraulic pump
  • 28 gallons per minute (105.9 l per minute) for blower function
  • 9 gallons per minute (34 l per minute) for all other functions driven from auxiliary engine
  • Hydraulic tank reservoir: 20 gallons (75.7 l)


  • Cab-over Peterbilt 220 (or equivalent)
  • GVWR: 33,000 lbs (14,969 kg)
  • Front axle: 12,000 lbs (5,443 kg)
  • Rear axle: 21,000 lbs (9,525 kg), rear springs rated for 23,000 lbs (10,433 kg)
  • Engine: 240 hp (179 kw) @ 2,400 rpm diesel engine
  • Wheelbase: 164” (4.165 m)
  • Cab-to-axle: 153” (3.88 m)
    *Rosco to review truck specifications prior to bid and/or order

Auxiliary Engine

  • Output (gross intermittent): 65 hp (48.4 kw) @ 2,600 rpm
  • Tier 4 Final, naturally aspirated 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine
  • In-cab aux engine controls at operator’s station with tachometer, hour meter and warning system
  • Engine info:
    - Bore: 3.43 in (87 mm)
    - Stroke: 4.33 in (110 mm)
    - Displacement: 159.5 cubic in (2.615 l)
    - Fuel consumption: 4.54 gallons per hour (17.18 l per hour)@ max torque
    - Alternator: 60 amp

Air System

  • High volume, low pressure. Positive displacement blower driven by truck hydraulics motor
  • Capable of 850 cfm @ 2,850 rpm
  • Hydraulically-driven blower with variable CFM from 0-850

Liquid Asphalt Emulsion Tank

  • Insulated liquid asphalt emulsion tank
  • Overnight heating by two 4,500 watt, 240 volt thermostatically controlled heater elements, located in water heat exchanger tube
  • Alternate heat source provided to maintain heat on work site, regulated automatically to prevent over or under heating of materials
  • Asphalt line heated to prevent clogging during operation
  • Tank mounted 5” (127 mm) dial thermometer and emulsion level indicator both visible from cab
  • Tank size: 300 gallons (1,135.6 l)
  • Tank fill opening: 12” (305 mm)

Aggregate System

  • Low profile, 5 cubic yard (3.82 cubic m) hopper, or 11,000 lbs (4,990 kg)
  • Rectangular welded 10’ 3” x 7’ (3.12 x 2.13 m) aggregate hopper 
  • In-cab controlled vibration system
  • Dual electric over hydraulic activated hopper lids, rear access open/close swtich
  • Cab controlled adjustable, feed slide gate meters aggregate flow
  • System will accept aggregates up to .75” (19 mm) 
  • Plus+1 system store settings: rock flow, emulsion flow and air flow
  • VORTEC: Vacuum Operated Rock Transfer Emulsion Coating system
    - System utilizes no mechanical or moving parts to move aggregate
    - Ease of access to clean and service the slide gate and sub systems
    - Conveyors and/or paddle feeders are NOT acceptable
    - Venturi nozzle with cleanout

Asphalt Emulsion Feed and Flush System

  • Air pressurized system to deliver sufficient asphalt to completely cover aggregate at full feed capacity
  • Delivery system capable of maintaining 60 psi
  • Flush system 30 gallon (113.5 l) minimum capacity with provisions for storing used flush material
  • Asphalt tank is equipped with a three-way valve for flush, delivery and shut-off

Patch (on the Go)

  • Electric hydraulic flow control for independent operation allows patching while moving at slow speeds

Telescopic Boom

  • Front-corner mount boom storage system
  • Eliminating windshield obstruction in stow position
  • One piece, double acting boom with three-stage telescoping aggregate delivery tube
  • Cable/hose carrier, heated water lines with individual nozzle shut-offs 
  • Double acting swing and hoist hydraulic cylinders
  • Position censored safety system that does not allow boom swing into traffic beyond center line
  • Capable swing operations to shoulder and center with caution
  • Reach, retracted: 7’ 5” (2.3 m)
  • Reach, extended: 11’ 5” (3.5 m)
  • Patching area: 42 ft² (12.8 m²)

Optional Equipment

  • Back-up/reverse camera with in-cab color display
  • LED lights in the 30” x 60” (.76 x 1.5 m) arrow board, 13 light
  • Larger arrow board 48” x 96” (1.2 x 2.4 m)
  • LED night working light package, 2 front, 1 rear
  • LED lights, stop, turn signals and tail lights
  • 240V heater conversion in lieu of 120V
  • Emergency triangle kit, flare, fire extinguisher
  • Jet flush system
  • Hopper Aggregate Heater
    One 100,000 BTU diesel burner
    7 gallon (26.5 l) fuel tank
    Autoignition diesel burner with outfire

Training, Support and Company

  • Training and support manuals
  • Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
  • Two-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
  • Extended warranty available
  • 55+ years manufacturing experience
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Sourcewell Contract#052417-VTL
  • Manufactured in the USA

Job Application

  • Road repair
  • Pothole patching
  • Shoulder erosion
  • Alligator cracking repair

Key Features

  • One man operation
  • Wide easy loading rock hopper
  • Patch-on-the-go system
  • Computerized material application rate control

What our customers are saying

“We’ve been doing asphalt paving since 1975 and owned seven LeeBoy asphalt pavers – from the 700 all the way to the 8816, we would use no other asphalt paver, they are the best machines. Designed with the paving professional in mind, GO LEEBOY OR GO HOME!”

- Robert George, The Asphalt Company, Michigan, USA

“My family business has been using LeeBoy for three generations. When it comes to asphalt, SMI Paving is “LeeBoy Proud” always!”

- Jack Smith, SMI Paving, South Carolina, USA

“Can’t beat a LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.”

- Nick Stanley, California, USA

“My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still as sweet today as the day l bought it.”

- Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky, USA

“I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.”

- Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts, USA

“It's nice to see that there are still some American companies out there making equipment that last long and works well. We will definitely be purchasing more equipment from LeeBoy in the future.”

- Scott Flores, Empire Parking Lot Services, California, USA

“I love LeeBoy pavers. Wouldn’t use anything else. We have a 7000 and a 1000, and looking at an 8500 to buy soon.”

- D. Harrison, Black Rock and Son Paving, Pennsylvania, USA

“I've been paving for 3 generations, the absolute best investment we made as company was buying a LeeBoy. If you’re thinking about buying one, stop thinking and make best decision of your life. Thank you LeeBoy. I will be spreading the word!”

- Don Hopkins, D&H Paving, New Jersey, USA

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