• Controls: Plus+1 CAN Bus

  • Viking Asphalt Pump

  • Tank Size: 2,050 to 4,250 gallons (7,760 to 16,088 l)


  • Length: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected
  • Width: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected 
  • Height: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected
  • Weight: Depends on type of truck purchased and options selected


  • 2,050 gallons (7,760 l) to 4,250 gallons (16,088 l)*

    *Gallons listed are maximum tank capacities. Recommended tank capacities may be limited by 1.) Thermal expansion of materials. 2.) Density of materials. 3.) Truck/axle load ratings. For more detail, please contact your local Rosco Sales Representative or Dealer.


  • Meets all applicable Federal DOT tank regulations
  • ASTM A569 grade mild steel with minimum 10 gauge (3.4 mm) shell and 7 gauge (4.5 mm) flat heads
  • Flanged reinforced and welded to shell inside and outside of tank
  • Seams are all electrically welded
  • Thermometers:  One 4” (102 mm) dial thermometer
    One internal pencil thermometer


  • 2” (51 mm) rock wool with spacers to prevent compression
  • Clips to secure position of insulation and protected by an aluminum jacket

Surge Plates

  • 10 gauge (3.4 mm) steel with staggered openings to provide adequate tank strength and proper surge control


  • Weather tight and safety relieving cover with basket-type strainer
  • Inside splash guards
  • Steel measuring stick
  • Tank vent and overflow
  • Manhole opening:  22” (.559 m) in diameter
  • Overflow:  3” (76 mm) in diameter


  • At the rear of tank
  • Cleanout plug and suction line from the pump includes tank cutoff valve
  • Sump size:  4” (102 mm) in diameter

Heat System

  • Two diesel fired burners with electric ignition and heat limit controls
  • Two, u-type, high temperature flue pipes running the length of the tank
  • Single exhaust stack is constructed of stainless steel and includes a rain cover
  • Heating flue size:  8” (203 mm) in diameter throughout
  • Burners:  560,000 BTU per burner, per hour capacity

Asphalt Pump

  • Viking, positive displacement pump
  • Rotary gear type with built-in relief valve for safety
  • Asphalt pump driven by low-speed high torque fixed displacement hydraulic motor and connected by a flexible coupling
  • Pump:  560 gallons per minute (2,120 l per minute)

Optional Oil Heat

  • Heat exchanger in lower flue tube
  • Jacketing on emulsion tank sump
  • Jacketed Viking asphalt pump
  • Internal spraybar heating
  • High-temperature insulated flexible metal hoses and hard line

Distributing Lines

  • High temperature, flexible metal hoses
  • Steel pipe with ball and socket joint is not acceptable

Clean Out

  • Enviro-flush system allows solvent circulation through asphalt pump, valves, distributing lines and spraybar
  • Cleanout material returned to enviro-flush tank for later use or disposal
  • Flush tank:  25 gallons (95 l)
  • Enviro-Flush tank:  25 gallons (95 l)

Spray System

  • Nozzles are brass, slotted and valves are non-clogging
  • Each has a quick-disconnect feature allowing the operator to change spray widths in 4” (102 mm) increments across the entire bar without the use of tools or blank nozzles
  • Spraybar: 24’ (7.3 m) full circulating, extendible spraybar
    Two 8’ (2.43 m) independently controlled extending sections
    Each spray nozzle automatically turns on when extended and off when retracted
    Two 4’ (1.22 m) fully circulating hydraulically folding wings
    Spray nozzles operated in 1’ (25.4 mm) increments
    All functions operated by the Plus+1 controller in the cab
  • Nozzles:  Spaced on 4” (.102 m) centers on spraybar


  • Plus+1 CAN Bus control and onboard diagnostic system
  • DP 700 [7” (177.8 mm), 800 x 480 pixel) high-resolution, color graphic display
  • Controller for automatic application rate control
  • Automatic valves for cab control of distributor functions
  • Exclusive enviro-flush system with hydraulic pump speed control
  • Settings for flow, speed calibration, spraybar width and spray bar on/off control by section
  • Automatic valves for cab control of distributor functions
  • Capable of storing up to 12 preset combinations of application rates and flow calibrations for instant retrieval
  • Selectable readouts include FPM, GPM, total feet sprayed, total gallons sprayed, total square yards sprayed, flow and speed calibration, application rate, tank temperature, hour meter and spraybar width (English and metric units can be selected for the rate controls)
  • Controller provides accurate applications regardless of changes in speed or spraybar width during operations
  • Includes GPS ground speed sensor
  • Convenient external controls and speed display mounted on rear fender


  • Hydrostatic, front live power driven by engine crankshaft
  • The hydrostatic pump is an infinitely variable, displacement axial piston pump
  • Hydraulic reservoir:  20 gallons (76 l) with thermometer and sight gauge and level indicator

Additional Standard Equipment

  • Hand spray wand with a 25’ (7.6 m) rubber hose
  • Front and rear dial contents gauge
  • 4” (102 mm) dial thermometer and internal pencil thermometers
  • ICC clearance lights and reflectors
  • Rear bumper to protect spraybar
  • Sample valve
  • Back-up alarm
  • Mud flaps
  • Ladder and platform assembly
  • Grease gun

Optional Equipment

  • Installation for a customer supplied truck chassis
  • PTO transmission (required if not using front live power)
  • LPG burner in lieu of diesel burner [includes 48 gallon LP tank]
  • Diesel burners with electronic ignition, 100% outfire protection and heat limit control
  • Diesel burners with outfire protection and heat limit control
  • Oil heat system
  • Electronically actuated emulsion tank hand rails
  • Washdown system with pump and hose, self-winding hose reel
  • Loading hose, 3” x 15’ (76 mm x 4.572 m) flexible steel with quick couplers
  • Loading hose, 3” x 15’ (76 mm x 4.572 m) rubber with quick couplers
  • Hose trough for loading hose
  • LED working lights, qty 4
  • Beacon light
  • Frame mounted toolbox
  • Extra fender mounted toolbox 
  • Wet storage box
  • Full width mud flap
  • Hot oil option
  • Electric overnight heat, 240V single phase
  • Radar horn in lieu of GPS
  • Nozzle selection

Training, Support and Company

  • Training and support manuals
  • Optional on-site operator training by Dealer
  • Two-year, unlimited hours warranty against any manufacturer defects
  • Extended warranty available
  • 55+ years manufacturing experience
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Sourcewell Contract#052417-VTL
  • Manufactured in the USA

Job Application

  • Tack coating
  • Chip sealing/surface treating
  • Shoulder repairs
  • Fog sealing

Key Features

  • 24' full circulating, extending spraybar
  • Viking asphalt pump, bi-directional
  • Computerized application control
  • Auto cleanout system
  • Thermostatically controlled burners

What our customers are saying

“My family business has been using LeeBoy for three generations. When it comes to asphalt, SMI Paving is “LeeBoy Proud” always!”

- Jack Smith, SMI Paving, South Carolina, USA

“I have been laying asphalt for 32 years now. I come from a time when we used to lay asphalt with a ‘dragbox’. I used to dream of a machine like the LeeBoy paver. In my opinion there is no better or labor-friendly machine like the LeeBoy. From the 1000 to the 8515, the work output and quality is simply unparalleled.”

- Frank Cidade, Cidade Blacktop, Massachusetts, USA

"I'm a mid-size paving contractor, and for me, there's no better machine made. The versatility of the sizes available is amazing. Even the small LeeBoy can tackle the largest project with ease. I tell everyone LeeBoy is the reason my family and I are fed. Have been and will continue to be a customer for life."

- Noah Williams, SOS Paving LLC, Tennessee, USA

“Can’t beat a LeeBoy. They’re tanks. It feels wrong to use any other brand. They last forever and are very comfortable.”

- Nick Stanley, California, USA

“Best paver made in the USA. Parts always available. Designed with the paving man in mind. LOVE IT. Other pavers to me are not an option.”

- Alan Taylor, Connecticut, USA

“I've been running LeeBoy equipment for over 20 years... their pavers truly are "designed with the paving professional in mind "... these machines hold up better than any others!”

- Kevin Piona, Mr. Black Top, California, USA

“I've been paving for 3 generations, the absolute best investment we made as company was buying a LeeBoy. If you’re thinking about buying one, stop thinking and make best decision of your life. Thank you LeeBoy. I will be spreading the word!”

- Don Hopkins, D&H Paving, New Jersey, USA

“My old 8515 laid 510 ton on a church lot in Hopkinsville, KY today. Ain’t even broke a sweat yet, might even stop and do a small drive on the way home. Suns up, “Sons” working. Still as sweet today as the day l bought it.”

- Randy Bennett, Bennett & Sons Paving, Kentucky, USA

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