Legend HD PRO Screed

Legend HD PRO Screed Specifications

The following specifications are based on the Legend HD PRO Screed manufactured by LeeBoy.  Because of continuous equipment research and development, we reserve the right to change these specifications.  For more information, questions or assistance preparing specifications, please contact your local LeeBoy Dealer.


a. Legend HD PRO Screed

b. Full free floating 96” x 18” main screed

c. Constructed of .375” Hardox® 450 bolt-on wear plate for easy replacement

d. Wear plate has leading edge bullnose

e. Rear wear plate adjustment

f. Adjustable strike offs

Screed End Gates:

a. Spring-loaded end gates 

b. Equipped with vertical height adjustments and tilt with replaceable wear shoes

Screed Extensions:

a. Two 46” x 9” hydraulically operated screed extensions

b. The heated extensions are adjustable and mounted flush with the main screed

c. Energy chain, each screed extension

d. Includes replaceable .375” Hardox® 450 wear plates

e. Sloping screed extensions standard

f. Adjustable strike offs

Screed Heat:

a. Electric heat source

b. 14.4kW generator

c. Electric timer and automatic temperature control (ATC) system

d. Automatic RPM control system

e. Environmentally safe, sealed S-curve elements in main screed and sealed blade elements in extensions

Screed Vibration:

a. Equipped with two electric vibrators producing 70lbs of force each

Screed Crown/Invert:

a. Equipped with a crown/invert adjustment allowing at least 2.5" of crown and 1.5" of valley

b. Includes a levelling indicator for the operator to know when the screed is level

Operator’s Platform:

a. Two piece, grip strut, anti-slip walkboard platform

b. Walkboard extensions slide out, left and right

c. Walkboards fold up and lock for transport and working requirements

d. Walkway width:  12”

Optional Equipment:

a. Screed extension vibration

b. Heated endgates

c. Slope meter

d. 3:1 flight screw adjusters

e. Horizontal flight screws

f. Power crown

g. Central point lube system, screed

h. 12” x 6” berm extension, left and right

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